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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins


The ultimate flexible tie-down

SlideTite is a wonderful easy way to tie down ...well anything!!

SlideTite is a simple plastic hook with an incredibly clever way of locking onto any bungee or rope so it is always the right length.

SlideTite come in four forms
a simple hook – to attach a rope/bungee to nearly anything. 
a joiner – to join together two ropes/bungees or to make up a loop, 
a plate – to stick or screw to a flat surface to attach your rope/bungee.
a clipper – to fix a rope onto a thin [8mm] rail/cord or long screw as a simple ground anchor.

It will work as well with the common blue builders rope or a sophisticated yachting rope. It is especially useful with bungee cord to ensure your bungee is exactly the right length and right tension.

SlideTite is a high-quality UK product from design to manufacture. SlideTite are made from high impact plastic, designed tough but gentle on equipment. The hook has been tested to 50kg and is just the right shape to clip onto the bak-rak frame or onto your roof rack or the edge of a trailer. SlideTite is used by the vast majority of Mountain Rescue Services.



Postage is free with a bak-rak order, £2 flat rate for just slidetite order.

Pair  [= 2 units etc.] hooks, binders, plates or clippers  any combination


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Four hooks etc.


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Bag of ten hooks etc.

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Blue 8mm polypropylene rope [850kg]  - per 5 metres [1unit] change quantity within cart


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Blue 10mm polypropylene rope [1400kg]  - per 3 metres [1unit] change quantity within cart


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Below are the products in the Slidetite range

The Hook

A large, strong 25mm hook for use in most situations where you need to grab onto an existing anchor point. For example: on roofracks, trailers, shelves, etc.

The Plate

Use it to provide a permanent anchor point. Either screw or glue the plate to any surface and hold stuff in place. For example: in the back of a pickup, along the walls in a shed, on the floor of a caravan.

The Joiner

Two SlideTite™ devices back to back. For use wherever you need to wrap rope / bungee around anything. For example: camping gear, rolls of carpet, barbeque covers, etc.

The Clipper

Ideal for tents, awnings, pet cages and cargo nets. The Clipper combines a SlideTite(tm) device with a heavy duty clip. A simple yet effective product allowing you to attach to any peg, bar, net or metal grid up to 8mm in diameter.

Examples of SlideTite uses:


Use SlideTite with your boat to tie down covers or support your fenders.


Use SlideTite in your car to stop things sliding around the boot or tie up your purchases.


Use SlideTite in your garden to support plants or tie down furniture and covers.


Use SlideTite in your home to tie back curtains while you decorate.


Use SlideTite in your shop to support displays.


Use SlideTite on your holiday for a temporary washing line.


Use SlideTite with your caravan to create a storm tie-down over the front of the awning.

Contact details - Tel 0800 112 6884 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries   fax 0845 00 33 55 3   e-mail [email protected]