About Us

We're Bak-rak.

We are the only UK manufacturer of towball carriers in the UK.

bak-rak is a British company based in the Midlands. Our patented towball mounting system is the best way to mount anything to the back of your car, van or any other vehicle.


We do all we can to source everything from local contractors and our products make use of the latest manufacturing processes. Combined with our innovative designs, we achieve the lightest, strongest and most flexible products.


how it happened:

We first produced a bak-rak 25 years ago. The kids were toddlers and we had the usual kit that wouldn’t fit in the car – it wasn’t bak-rak then, it was a scruffy combination of angled iron and an old tow-hitch. But, it worked well and everyone who saw it wanted one… a ‘nicer one’.

Visiting Canada and the US we saw many different designs – but their tow-ball standard is different, and they were built for huge 4×4’s. They wouldn’t translate to the European market, though some of the ideas may. The objective was set: a flexible rack that would fit and be usable on even the smallest of cars.

Having owned roof racks, roof boxes, bike racks and trailers, we were fed up with rust and rot and split plastic. They never repair properly, and the battle of loading roof boxes and trying to reverse small trailers is the stuff of nightmares.

So our design brief for bak-rak all those years ago was for a lightweight rack with flexibility to use as the basis for carrying.. well, anything. And it’s still the same all these years later.

Our original design was all laser-cut stainless sheet TIG welded together. It looked great, but pricing it up, no-one was going to pay that much, and it wasn’t that lightweight either.

The laser-cut mounting parts continued, but using box-section to get maximum stiffness for minimum weight. Bends at the corners maintain strength and look good.

The locking hand wheel to fix bak-rak in position and to the vehicle represents a compromise between cost and convenience, however we made sure there is anchorage for a serious U-lock so that valuables can be properly chained down.

Since then, we’ve developed a range of products and accessories so you can truly carry anything. 

If any other people or companies want to use our patented central mount, then do get in touch. We’ll be happy to offer you any help we can as long as we can offer the resulting products to our customers as well. Or, if you have an idea on something you need to carry but you can’t find what you need – share those needs with us and we’ll see what we can do. We’ve already developed carriers for winches, vices, spare wheels, boxes, bags and many more!

How to Contact Us

Head Office

bak-rak, 68 Main Road, Austrey, Warwickshire, CV9 3EG

0800 112 6884

If you need any help, support or have any questions about bak-rak, get in touch: