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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins







Light Plastic box




Aluminium box

Large box on vehicle

Large box corner


Aluminium box

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Huge  plastic box available from Plastor 455 litres

  • External dimensions: 1320 x 735 x 670mm

  • Top internal dimensions: 1225 x 615mm

  • Base internal dimensions: 1165 x 570mm

  • Capacity: 455 litres (100 gallon)


A range of bonzer  and bomb-proof boxes to fit onto base-rak to carry baggage, beer barrels and bits and bobs.

The combination of a multi-use load carrier on any tow ball with a purpose built bag or box gives you unparalleled convenience - whether on a trip to the dump or to Dumfries. The right height to load and the right container to load into.

Add Box Mounting kit for any box (4 bolts, washers and handwheels) 12

THE BOXES for Base-rak

NEW Large Ultra Heavy Duty Plastic Box

4ft X 2ft X2ft (115 X58X61cm) made in extra thick black polypropylene riveted together with a metal frame. (inside 5mm smaller)

Incredibly tough construction which will take almost any level of bangs and rough treatment. It is the toughest box construction we could find!!!

Very deep removable lid so virtually waterproof (and capable of over-packing). The lid is held on by padlockable clips and two heavy straps and it bolts directly to the G3 or G4 rack. It will sell for 240 with an extra delivery cost.

Go to Home page to buy the box. Also see home page for offer with G4 stainless base and tumble mount.

Lightweight  Plastic Box

We now have a new lightweight plastic box available to fit to the base-rak. Our new plastic box gives a convenient enclosed load carrier.  185 litres - internal size L 650 x W 410 x H 485mm, external L 850 x W 610 x H 590mm and 7Kg, it is tough enough for most jobs including carrying the holiday luggage. With the lid strapped down it will stand up to most weather conditions and it can be used as a fixed store when not in transit. It has a  fitment to take a padlock for security. It comes with a kit to clamp it onto the base.

We used to sell a lightweight box for 65 but as you can buy a decent box for 20 at Wickes or B&Q we merely show the old box as an example and no longer offer it for sale. Those who want exactly that box can order direct from Plastor.co.uk.

Aluminium Box Not currently available from us

 We have a high quality box using 2mm Aluminium checker plate.

Exactly the same box is available on ebay through a number of sellers even though our supplier has closed down.

The box is :-

 1230 x 380 x 380 mm overall dimensions
 Internal 1215 x 365 deep x 375 high. Small lip around top reduces opening slightly
 Opening 1188 x 337 mm   Weighs 11kg

A smaller box is also available  with a 745 length and the same height and width for 90

It is fitted with a robust lock Comes with two keys, two spring loaded handles, and chain supported lid.
If it is fitted as close to the car as possible it leaves space on the rack for one bike rack.

Fitted onto Xtender bars two bike racks could be fitted. However the weight becomes a problem if bike racks are fitted with the box it is crucial to use the load straps to take excess load up to the top of the back door.

This fits simply onto base or Xtenders - either by bolting through the frame or Xtenders - or by using the cross-clamps to allow rapid removal. Specify a pair of locking handles if you want to secure the cross-clamps.

Add Aluminium box to cart - 189   Not currently available from us


 Huge Plastic Tank Available from Plastor.

A final option for those of you desperate  to carry loads of stuff.. is to buy a huge plastic tank - available from Plastor in a range of colours with a lid to fit and the option of casters. This is not ideal as the lid is a loose fit but it is robust and huge 455litres and gives you loads of carrying space. Look at http://www.plastor.co.uk/content/ref-rm100t-100-gallon-tank-455-litres-1320-x-735-x-670mm for details. The prices are around 140 without VAT and carriage is under 20. But it is up to you how you fit the lid on and secure it. It will bolt onto the G4 base using the inset threads - but again up to you the details how you do that.

Whichever way you do it you will end up with an immense carrier - suitable for game-keepers, groundsmen, taxi-drivers, or on the back of your mobile home.

But make sure you know what you are doing. We and Plastor are not keen on shipping these around so make sure it is what you want BEFORE you order it.










Contact details - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 (01619 072 431) for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]