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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins

" The worlds most flexible tow ball load carrier"

The heavy-duty modular carrier

Base-rak is a simple carrying platform onto which fit an array of modules to carry anything from five bikes to bins and bales. Xtender bars - extends rack length.  Basket - carry loads/luggage.  bike-racks - for up to 5 bikes.   Aluminium box - tough load carrier.  Plastic box - for light loads or luggage - For boxes click here

The G3 & G4 Base-rak

The original G3 Rack made in UK and is finished in zinc-plate to a very high standard.  It can carry loads up to 100Kg [if your car can cope] and will fit three of any sort of roof-rack bike racks on the base-rak. With Xtender bars you can fit up to five roof-rack bike racks. It tilts up and down. G3 Base-rak is zinc plated for durability.

For higher load capability and more durability choose the G4 - made in TIG welded 304 stainless steel by our contractors in the Midlands. Dimensions are the same as the G3 - but because of the higher specification steel and welding is rated at 120Kg. Stainless steel means no corrosion and the ability to weld or bolt onto the rack to provide specific additions  e.g to mount a vertical outboard motor or fit a microlight aircraft. EBay  sell the stainless 25 square tube (25X25X1.5) to construct whatever you need. You can use the headboard sleeve below to make any construction removable.

The clam is made of 316 - marine grade stainless steel and the outer casting in EN24 high strength steel.

           Clamshell on a swan-neck tow-ball

Base-rak directly fits any ISO 50mm tow-bar [flange, swan-neck or detachable].Base-rak is immensely strong and fits in seconds. It tilts up out of the way when not loaded. It tilts down to move loads clear of back door.

Bak-rak's patented mounting system gives lots of strength and flexibility to mount things including luggage. 

The Base- rak has been the ultimate heavy duty carrying platform for 20 years.

The G4 Stainless Steel version is capable of carrying loads up to 120Kg - it offers more carrying capability than most towballs can offer yet weighs in at 7Kg. (For reference the Thule equivalent carries 45Kg.)

It features the bak-rak mount system - tested to 700Kg - fitted in seconds and allowing tilt up or down. (Cast in hi-tensile steel and marine-grade stainless steel.)

The top surface of the G4 base-rak is fitted with 10 stainless steel M8 thread inserts that allows anything to be bolted down to the surface wherever it is required. These are further tack welded to prevent rotation.

Add a special spline drive security lock

The base-rak has adjustment of angle to compensate for a 'drooping' tow bracket.

Use it as a platform in its own right to carry luggage, to carry a ballast bag of garden waste, or anything else you can think of.

Click here for details of base-rak bike combinations giving discounts for multi part orders

 80cm wide by 60 cm deep. Weighs just less than 7Kg

G3 Base-rak   see home page to buy

G4 Base-rak  see home page to buy

Secure : The bak-rak mount fits on with a 19mm M12 bolt so is proof against casual thieves. If you want to increase the security level then you can buy our security bolt system that uses a complex spline drive and comes with a single key. Add this to your order for £9 - this includes bolt and  key  see home page to buy

Xtender bars

Xtender bars. They allow longer items [or more bike racks] to be mounted on the frame. Typical uses for Xtender brackets are the fitting of up to 5 bikes, the mounting of other kit clear of a boot-mounted spare wheel, or the ability to quickly change between different uses.

We now have several different types of Xtender, some fixed length ones that bolt onto the base and a variable length extendable one that hooks on in a variety of positions.

The Telescope Xtender slides out to the required length then lock in position with a clamp bolt.  Telescope Xtenders are £35 per set of two including a locking handwheel.

Typical uses for Xtender brackets are the fitting of more bikes, the mounting of other kit clear of a boot-mounted spare wheel, or the ability to quickly change between different uses. Extenders can also allow a user to slide an item away from the boot to get access.

Add telescopic Xtenders  see home page to buy


U-shaped frame that clamps onto back, side or front of the base-rak using our cross-clamps. Helps retain any loose items and gives additional clamping point. Frame is 40cm wide by varying heights but can easily be moved down or shortened. You can use one on each side if needed to retain a load. Bright zinc plated steel 1.5mm thick can be drilled for additional fitments. Will clamp flat to base when the base folded up. heights shown below including all clamps.

The latest headboard is in 3 pieces (for ease of storage) which rigidly bolt together. They have a range of holes for convenient attachment of boards etc. and have tie down clamps built in at convenient positions to allow rope or bungee to tie down a load. An extension kit is available with a stainless sleeve allowing an increased height of headboard. It is adjustable to a variety of heights  BUT the load it will take seriously decreases with height - so it is your responsibility to use it sensibly.!

The headboards can be made available in a range of heights  but standard is 650                                             click for full size photo.Working height above the rack:

350mm  in stainless steel    e-mail to order

630mm Full height 650mm       see home page to buy

Tumble Mount

Onto the G3 and G4 can be placed a tumble mount under the main load. This allows the load to be tumbled away from the vehicle to give access to the back doors.     see home page to buy

Tumble mount on G4


Wheelchairs & Mobility Scooters

The base-rak is ideal to carry wheel chairs or mobility scooters. The simplest way to fit a wheelchair/scooter is to bolt a piece of plywood to the top of the base-rak (6mm coach bolts through the rack on the straight sections are fine). Then cut out slots for the wheels of the chair/scooter - a strap over the top and all is stable. Add a lightbar if the car back lights or number plate are obscured. This configuration requires the scooter to be lifted onto the rack. If you cannot lift it and need to run the scooter onto the rack then you will need to find your own ramps such as the Draper 79011 and attach them to the plywood base.


We offer two types of box - a simple plastic box,  a range of aluminium boxes and a huge extra-tough plastic box.

It is an option to fit your own box. In this case you will need our box fitting kit - 4 bolts with washers & handwheels. These can be fitted with the handwheel in the box for security or the hand wheel out for convenience. Upgrade in this case to replace one handwheel with a locking handwheel to stop casual thieves (See buy page for this item).     

Details are on a separate page.  Click here to view the boxes.

Bike Racks

Any bike rack designed to fit on a roof rack will fit on the base-rak. And because it is mounted nearer the centre-line of the car and out of the wind it should be more stable and certainly easier to put the bike into position.

We sell a basic Italian made bike-rack manufactured in thousands as our standard fit bike rack and you can fit up to five of these onto the Xtender bars or three onto the base-rak directly. We advise the use of Xtender bars for any number as that makes it easier to remove the bike-raks to use the base-rak for other purposes. Do check your car's tow-ball carrying capacity before buying allowing 18Kg per bike with rack and 8Kg for the base.

A 4-bike combination of base-rak, Xtenders, four bike-raks and light-bar brackets sells for £250 with the light-bar an extra £20. Increase it to a five-bike combination with an extra bike-rak for another £20. Any of these combinations can work with the G4 stainless rack which has the advantage of stronger construction (120Kg against 100Kg)  and threads inset in the top of the rack to make fitting of accessories easier. It also has sockets to rigidly accept headboards. The additional cost is £60 to upgrade to G4 from G3.

Click here for details of base-rak bike combinations giving discounts for multi part orders


We sell a range of straps (ratchet and buckle types) for generally holding stuff down to the rack and a 'load-strap' specifically designed to support the load from the top of a hatch back rear door or boot.

see brackets

Lighting bars

We sell a range of lighting bars that plug into your car electrics to provide the legal rear lights. These are mandatory if your load blocks view of your lights. We also offer light bar brackets that allow a light bar to be locked onto the side of a base-rak or the end of Xtenders

Buy light bar for £25   see home page to buy


Odd Brackets

Bak-rak is a new generation of multi-use rack that aims to provide the flexibility to carry stuff mounted behind the car. To achieve this we have a range of brackets that allow all sorts of combinations to be produced.  

Note : You don't need any of these brackets for any of the normal bak-rak operations - carrying bikes etc. The brackets are to allow you to do other things. 

What ?

1. Flat stainless steel bracket to allow flat items to be fitted and locked onto the rack. We use this bracket to mount a light-bar - butflat bracket sml.JPG (9354 bytes) it can just as easily be used to mount a flat sheet onto a rack, vertically or horizontally. Made of 2mm Stainless Steel fitted with a M8 captive nut. Can be operated with our Locking handwheel or a standard M8 bolt. Bracket £12 [includes a non-locking handwheel] ; Locking Handwheel £12 each  [P&P free]

2. Cross stainless steel bracket to allow two tubes to be locked together at right-angles. One of the tubes has to be able to slide the Xbracket sml .JPG (11898 bytes)end through, the bracket sliding round the other tube. The photograph makes clear how it works. These are made of 3mm stainless steel and fitted with an 8mm captive nut. They can be used with the locking hand-wheel or a bolt. Bracket £12 each [includes a non-locking handwheel] ; Locking Handwheel £12 each  [P&P free]

3. Tube - we recommend using stainless tube which is widely available on ebay [spec is type 304 25x25x1.5 wall]. Up to you to cut it off to the lengths you want and limited by what DHL are prepared to ship.


Use the brackets to give you the sort of rack that you need. 

You can use cross-brackets to mount vertical posts to give another level on the rack [e.g. skis mounted above a bag of ski-boots]. 

You can fit a flat plywood deck using the flat brackets with cut-outs for a wheel-chair, electric scooter, kite-buggy or push-chair to conveniently locate them on the rack. 

You can fit a box onto Xtender brackets so it can be rapidly changed for bike-racks.

The only limitations are your imagination and the loading on the tow-bracket.

see brackets


Delivery is to Western Europe includes Austria, Belgium, Channel Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden


Some examples of uses for the bak-rak - click to enlarge


Contact details - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 1126884 (01619 072 431) for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]