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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



4 Bike-rak - laser-cut in UK - all steel 

Fits any tow-ball, swan-neck or flange, on any vehicle.   

  • Best buy in Autoexpress for towball luggage carriers  https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/accessories-tyres/106025/best-towbar-mounted-storage-boxes

  • Bak-rak mount system

  • Sturdy construction with 70 mm square vertical steel tube. (The same used for spare wheel carrier)

  • Space for 4 adult bikes. 5 bikes will fit as it has longer arms than other 4 bike carriers by 10cm, but bikes will need careful arrangement.

  • 2 25 square mount bars for stability spaced 43cm

  • mount bars can be turned downward when not in use

  • Multi-use bak-rak mount system

  • Swan-neck or flange tow-balls for flexibility

  • Adjustment system for the angle of the vertical tube in stainless steel

  • Red rubber sleeve to support the bikes with bungee system to safely hold them down.

  • zinc-coated for durability

  • Hinge down to the ground for access to the boot for convenience

  • REVOLUTIONARY system allows the bike arms to be reassembled at low level to carry a tray or box.

  • our plastic tray (1000X550X150) for luggage (or anything).

  • Loads up to 70kg spread across the tray or box.

  • Special stainless steel light bar brackets that also serve to lock-on the bikes only £10 per set - select free postage on their own. (not inc. light bar)

    [You may need a lightbar or repeat number plate if your bikes block the rear view of these on your car.]



  • Bak-rak are the market leader for flexible tow-ball carriers, having been designing innovative carriers for 20 years.


[Note ; ladies bikes will normally fit OK - but some odd ladies frame shapes may need a cross-bar insert - these are widely available form bike shops. ]

buy bike-rak on home page for £109 add tray for £130



Some examples of uses for the bak-rak - click to enlarge

Contact details - Tel 0800 112 6884 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]