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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



flat bracket sml.JPG (9354 bytes)

Flat-clamp, one with and one without locking handwheel


Cross-clamp with locking hand-wheel showing its two uses.

Xtender telescopic bars

Longest 100cm Xtenders

maisie_in_kennel.JPG (39921 bytes)

You could even put a dog-kennel onto the rack 

bale low res.jpg (284709 bytes)

bale of hay being carried on the multi-rak base-unit

Canoe support mounted off base-rak


Why ?

Bak-rak is a new generation of multi-use rack - bak-rak aims to provide the flexibility anyone needs to carry stuff mounted behind the car. To achieve this we have a range of brackets that allow all sorts of combinations to be produced.  

Note : You don't need any of these brackets for any of the normal bak-rak operations - carrying bikes etc. The brackets are to allow you to do other things. 

What ?

1. Flat Clamp (stainless steel) bracket to allow flat items to be fitted and locked onto the rack. We use this bracket to mount a light-bar - but it can just as easily be used to mount a flat sheet onto a rack, vertically or horizontally. Made of 2mm Stainless Steel fitted with a M8 captive nut.

Can be operated with our Locking handwheel or a standard M8 bolt. Bracket 5 each [includes a non-locking handwheel] ;2. Cross-clamp (stainless steel ) to allow two tubes to be locked together at right-angles or parallel. For right angle use, one of the tubes has to be able to slide the end through, the bracket sliding up around the other tube. {Parallel and both have to have an end available}. The photograph makes clear how it works. These are made of 3mm stainless steel and fitted with an 8mm captive nut. They can be used with the locking hand-wheel or a bolt.

3. Xtender bars. They allow longer items [or more bike racks] to be mounted on the frame. The Xtender is telescopic and  can telescope out to the required length then lock in position.  For Xtenders see.

Typical uses for Xtender brackets are the fitting of more bikes, the mounting of other kit clear of a boot-mounted spare wheel, or the ability to quickly change between different uses. Extenders can also allow a user to slide an item away from the boot to get access.

4. Light Bar Bracket set. This is a set of two flat brackets with two  handwheels with all the nuts and bolts needed to fit a light bar onto the side of a a 25 square tube - typically the edge of a base-rak. It is a part of the 4 and 5 bike combos.

5. Tube - we recommend using stainless tube which we sell at 24 per metre [spec is type 304 25x25x1.5 wall]. Up to you to cut it off to the lengths you want and limited by what DHL are prepared to ship. See buy page for 1m lengths any other lengths then buy tube by email to sales and we will send you a PP invoice. For information 30X30X2 tube provides a nice fit over the 25 square to make up removable brackets. Buy on eBay.


Use the brackets to give you the sort of rack that you need. 

You can use cross-brackets to mount vertical posts to give another level on the rack [e.g. skis mounted above a bag of ski-boots]. 

You can fit a flat plywood deck using the flat brackets with cut-outs for a wheel-chair, electric scooter, kite-buggy or push-chair to conveniently locate them on the rack. 

You can fit a box onto Xtender brackets so it can be rapidly changed for bike-racks.

The only limitations are your imagination and the loading on the tow-bracket.

Convert flange-fit accessories to swan-neck

We provide a converter to fit a swan-neck tow-ball to allow flange fit accessories to be mounted.

Contact details - Tel 01462420102 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]