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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins

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Bak-rak on Morris Minor


base-rak with 3 bike racks fitted and two bikes in position


Beehives on a bak-rak - minus bees


A US version of a bak-rak


Pushchair on base


Garden centre load on base-rak

bak-rak-our customers love it

Here are some pictures & comments from customers

I've used lots of bike racks and this is far and away the most solidly mounted one I have seen. - Customer in Sheffield

With a small baby we really needed all the extra space - Customer in Norway

Most useful car accessory I have bought - Customer in Devon.

Moving two wheelie bins down our long drive was a nightmare - now they just drop into the rak and away. Farmer customer Devon.

At a shoot we serve the drinks from it before the shoot then put the dead birds in it to carry them home. Customer Isle of Mann

I stood in it to test it and was amazed that it didn't even flex. Customer in Surrey.

We were amazed how quickly it fitted - seems such a simple idea. Retailer in Norfolk.

I can now get the hedge clippings out of the car for ever. Customer Midlands.

I can swap it from my Morris Minor to my BMW in seconds to carry bikes or rubbish. Customer in Surrey.

I use it to collect my bee-hives - put the hives with bees on the rak - drive a mile to home - unload hives - sans bees and collect honey. Return hives, et voila. Great system. Beekeeper in Devon



Old Bak-box with bike - 2 or 3 possible with huge vehicle


Base. old crate and 2 wheelie bins


B&Q box on base-rak


Carrying a chicken-coop


'Dog-on-a-rak' Maisie with her new kennel



Segway-transporter transporter

Reclining trikes x2 on base-rak

base supporting folding boat


Luggage on base-rak


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