Frequently Asked Questions

We’re often asked some questions about bak-rak. Here’s some of our answers! If you have any other questions, please get in touch here.

What is bak-rak?
bak-rak is the patented tow-ball mounting system, giving you infinite opportunities for your tow-ball – from bikes to bags to boxes to bins. We offer a range of different rak types using our award-winning clamp system, offering users the ability to carry anything they like, safely mounted on their vehicle’s tow-ball. Our most useful product, the base-rak, offers a rigid platform 800mm wide by 600mm long, onto which practically anything can be mounted, especially when using our wide variety of accessories.
How does bak-rak work?
A stainless steel clamshell fits over the towball and a hi-tensile steel casting goes over that. A clamp bolt forces the clamshell parts together to grip the ball to stop any movement. The rack bolts onto the steel outer with two large hi-tensile bolts.
Why bak-rak?
bak-rak offers high strength lightweight carrying. With a tested capability over 600kg, bak-rak offers a much higher weight capability on most of our products. As a result of the modular construction, it is possible to carry nearly any item by combining different tools.
Will bak-rak fit my tow-ball?
bak-rak products will fit all 50mm tow balls. this applies to flange, swan neck, and removable tow balls. The only tow balls it won’t fit are the US inch series.
How much is shipping?
bak-rak ships all products for free to mainland UK, but additional costs may apply for other locations. If you’re purchasing from Amazon or eBay, these sites may have different costs – check on the listing before purchase.
What are the legal implications?
While using bak-rak, ensure you’re always carrying less than the rating of both your vehicle and your lights and registration plate aren’t obscured. Make sure your load is secured and you remember it is in position when you are reversing!.
My bak-rak swivels on my tow-ball...
A bak-rak under normal use shouldn’t rotate – but if it does, check if the ball is clean, dry and isn’t worn, then reinstall the clamshell and casting and ensure it is tight. If the casting continues to rotate, consider our anti-rotation collar.
Will I need a lighting board while using bak-rak?
If your bak-rak product or anything on your bak-rak product obscures your lights you’ll probably need a lighting board. These can be found at your local motor spares supplier or across the internet. If you’re attaching a lighting bar to a base-rak or bike-rak, we have brackets for that! For most products the load is narrow enough that the lights are visible either side and all that is needed is a new registration plate.
What's bak-rak's warranty?
We know that bak-rak products are strong and durable. That’s why we offer a five year warranty on all our products. If you ever have an issue, contact us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.
Will my fuel consumption be affected?
if you mount a load behind the vehicle on Bak-rak it is unlikely to affect the fuel consumption. This is in contrast to loads on the roof rack which significantly worsen the fuel consumption.
I want to replace my trailer..
The bak-rak base-rak will replace most small trailers and give lots of flexibility on how anything is carried.
My car has no weight rating..
It has been a legal requirement for 20 years for tow balls to have a weight limit label – exceptions could be imported vehicles or very old vehicles in which case it is up to you to establish what the load capability is based on similar vehicles, any information manual or online.
What if I overload bak-rak?
it is unlikely you will damage a bak-rak in any normal usage, however if you do damage it (one customer reversed onto a bank until his car was supported on the bak-rak!) then contact us and we will be as supportive as possible in providing a replacement.
Can I use bike-rak with kids or electric bikes?
For kids bikes, we recommend strapping them to the side of an adult bike as the dimensions do not allow fitting onto normal bike carriers. For electric bikes, putting roof-rack style bike carriers onto a base-rak may be appropriate. As always, we’re here to help if you need any advice.
Can I carry [item]?
Probably! If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’ll do our best to find you the right bak-rak for your needs.
Do you sell boxes for box-rak?
We sell a large plastic box for bak-rak made to our design using particularly robust materials, however we no longer stock any lightweight or low-cost plastic boxes. A good range of plastic boxes are stocked by the big DIY stores and a large range of aluminium boxes are available on the Internet at such sites as