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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



There are several legal limitations on the use of the rack.

The main areas are :-

Lighting - the lighting regulations related to trailers apply to a rear mounted rack. The detail of lighting legality is about as complicated as it can get - even the engineers at the DoT claim not to understand it in totality. However - in lay terms, you have to be able to see all the vehicle rear lights from all around the back of the vehicle. The rack on its own [whether up or down] does not obscure this view on any of the vehicles we have tried - but things you put on the rack may do. So if you have any bulky load on the rack you will need to fit a trailer lighting board to the rear of the rack or the load.   

Loading - see weight limit page.

Fastening - The police are in a position to enforce the loading criteria under a range of different legislation. However the area of which they will take most notice is the securing of loads [probably because they deal with lots of incidents involving loads 'escaping']. The legal definition of 'securely fastened' is hazy - however the best approach is to consider that anything that can jump-out  or fall-off, will jump or fall. So tie it all down securely and you will have no nasty surprises or court appearances.

Mounting - The bak-rak mounting has been proven over a range of situations - both in the lab, on the computer and on the road. However they rely on being put on the vehicle carefully. Make sure the ball is clean and grease-free. When the rack is in position - tighten up the clamp bolt and give it a final 'wriggle' to check all is home and fully located. Repeat at regular intervals to ensure nothing is working loose.


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