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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins


Bare base-rak

BAK-rak base with 3 bike racks fitted and two bikes in position

bike_rack_x4.jpg (71577 bytes)

Four bike adapter  [fits any bak-rak, shown on old stainless rack]

Disco with long Xtenders and 4 bikes with support straps in place




Base -rak











New  bomb-proof bak-box 240

bak-rak - the load carrier for all reasons

base-rak options

The new generation of bak-rak  is completely modular and we will be progressively adding new modules - which is great - but very confusing for the potential user to work out what he/she needs. So below we have given some examples of the likely configurations how they work and what they cost. 

We have also given a code for the combination to make it easier to order.


I NEED - I have a large car or camper and want to  - either carry a large box and access the back door - or carry 4 or 5 bikes.

BAK-RAK configuration needed - The standard base unit fitted with a tumble mount will allow the large box to pivot away from the vehicle to access the rear door. A number plate can be fixed to the side of the box if hidden. See offer under big box on Home page

 To carry bikes, the tumble mount can be replaced with the Xtender bars and 4 or 5 bikes. If access to the rear doors is needed with bikes fitted, 2 or 3 bikes can be mounted on another tumble mount for easy swap.

BAK-RAK PARTS To be added to a Base and box  - Xtender bars , bike-racks x4[100], light bar brkts. [22],

COMBINATION - Either buy a Combo B4 or 5 below and add the box or buy the Box and Rack from the home page and add the other parts.

   Visit buy page to purchase


I NEED - to carry two or three bikes which I want to mount on any tow-ball as cheaply as possible.

BAK-RAK configuration needed - The standard base unit will take three roof-type bike-racks directly. A light-bar will almost certainly be needed when the bikes are in position.

BAK-RAK PARTS - base [159], bike-racks x3[75], light bar brkts. [22], P&P.

COMBINATION - Ask for COMBO A2f or 2 bikes Visit buy page to purchase

or A3 for3 bikes Combo A3 . Visit buy page to purchase

Visit buy page to purchase

TOTAL BAK-RAK PRICE -  A2 = 210 inc VAT  (Full price 231)  ; A3= 245 inc VAT (Full price 281)  Discount for group purchase.


I NEED - to carry  four or five bikes which I want to mount on any tow-ball even when I change car.

BAK-RAK configuration needed - An Xtender frame will be needed as a 4 or 5 -bike adapter.  A light-bar will almost certainly be needed when the bikes are in position. Always use load straps when working with these weights. Make sure your vehicle tow-bar will carry over 80kg or 100kg for five [bikes rate about 15kg for an adult bike].

BAK-RAK PARTS - base [159], bike-racks x4[100] or x5 [125],   4-bike Xtender-rak [35], light bar brkts. [22], Load straps ]

COMBINATION - Ask for COMBO B4 for 4 bikes, Visit buy page to purchase or B5 for five . Visit buy page to purchase

TOTAL DISCOUNTED BAK-RAK PRICE - 285( full price 316) or 300 ( Full price 341) inc VAT   Discount for group purchase.

Visit buy page to purchase

NB  Xtender-rak is telescopic - when used with a pair of support straps to stabilise the outer end of the rack from a spare wheel or door  they will allow a 4x4 with a very large spare wheel to still carry 4 bikes. It could also carry 5 small bikes with care [but watch the weights!]


I NEED - to carry a load of luggage but a roof-box is too high and slows the car down. I want to access the rear doors to allow the dog out.

BAK-RAK configuration needed -  The best option is to use the base-rak and big box with the tumble mount .

Alternatively to the tumble mount you can use Xtender bars you can carry 1 or 2 bikes as well. You will need a big car to carry this combination [Freelander upward]. USE THE LOAD STRAPS TOO. No access for the dog!

We  have our BIG-BOX 1150X590X 600mm for 240 which will take immense amounts of kit..  You will need a light bar as your lights will be obscured. And away you go - the box behind the car is easy to load and does not increase drag [or fuel consumption]. Make sure you put the bulky & light stuff in the box, the heavy stuff in the car.

BAK-RAK PARTS - base [159], Light bar brkts,[22}, Xtenders [29.50].  P&P.

Visit buy page to purchase

COMBINATION - Email for the combination you need if it is more complicated.


I NEED - to carry a load of luggage. I want to quickly swap to carrying bikes, or I have a 4x4 with a boot-mount spare wheel.

BAK-RAK configuration needed - As in the last need, the box will fit behind the car. But if you fit the box to the Xtender frames it locks into position but can be unlocked and removed in seconds. With a 4x4 it allows the box to be moved away from the spare wheel. 

You need another Xtender for the bike racks [which we will presume you already have]. With these you can change from box to bike racks in around 20 seconds. You may need a light bar as well.

BAK-RAK PARTS - base G3 [159],  2 off Xtender  @ 35, 

COMBINATION - Simply ask for BAK-rak and Xtenders.


I NEED - to carry simple luggage - a collapsed wheel-chair or push chair / pram or plastic garden chairs or an old/new television or fridge or golf-clubs or a bale of hay. 

BAK-RAK configuration needed - The oblong frame of BAK-rak base means that items such as these can be simply laid on the rack and tied down. If the lights or number plate are obscured then you will need a light board.

BAK-RAK PARTS - base [159],    .



I NEED - to carry a Mobility Scooter on the rack.

RAK-RAK configuration needed - Best system is to mount a sheet of 12mm plywood and bolt it down to the base-rak. Cut into this slots for the wheels of the buggy so they sit into them once aligned. A simple luggage or ratchets strap will then hold it all in place. If the lights or number plate are obscured then you will need a light board.

BAK-RAK PARTS - base [159],    .



I NEED - to mount an existing bike rack for a flanged tow-ball on my new swan-neck tow-ball car.

BAK-RAK configuration needed - The swan-neck converter will fit onto the swan-neck and give you a two hole mount. You may need a standard spacer to get it in the right configuration.

BAK-RAK PARTS - converter swan to flange. [68],





maisie_in_kennel.JPG (39921 bytes)

You could even put a dog-kennel onto the rack - but make sure the dog can't escape and the opening faces away from the exhaust!!!

bale low res.jpg (284709 bytes)

bale of hay being carried on the base-unit



Contact details - Tel 0800 112 6884 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 1126884 (01619 072 431) for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]