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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins

Overview of complete rack

Bottom ski basket

Top holder showing lock

Canoe rack

Top bike rak bracket with arms

Bike rak arms mounted downward for travel

Pole-rak with equipment mount bracket and spare wheel carrier plus bike-rak with one bike. Could carry up to 3 bikes if towbar limit not exceeded.


Shelf skirak in action








The pole-rak family provides the capability to carry nearly anything - a strong pole up to 2metres high and a wide range of fitments to clamp on as you want.

It is the basis for two different skiraks (mounted vertically or in layers horizontally for modern short (up to 1.8m) skis with boots and accessories).

It can carry two long canoes or loads of short wave-hoppers.

It can carry bikes, tandems, spare wheels - together or separate.

It can carry luggage in boxes large or small or on a tray.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and ultra high-strength aluminium. The rack consists of a vertical high-strength aluminium pole mounted rigidly onto our patent bak-rak castings that clamp around the towball. The pole is normally 1.25 metres but a 1.66metre pole can be specified - useful if you have tall items to mount such as a surfboard or canoe.

Light weight and heavy-duty. Allows for a change of angle to compensate for towball slightly tilting. Removal of one of the mount pins it will allow the whole assembly to tilt down to the ground.

[The 5 degrees tilt will give you around 2 inches (50mm) clearance at 2 ft. above the towball if you need to clear a spare wheel. You can also fit a 25mm towball spacer ( £4.50 from Wilmond) on flange towballs]

For details of ski-rak click here

Minimal effect on vehicle drag so fuel consumption virtually unaffected. Tilts to access boot.

Make up a combination of parts to suit your particular needs and add capabilities as you need them. Mount them all at heights that suit you.

Start with a bare standard 1.25m pole-rak at £80 inc VAT then add :-

Five bike rack with a clamp to the pole. (PR2) This fits removable arms that can be mounted horizontally for the bikes and vertically for storage. The same clamp and arms can be used as part of a surfboard rack. The arms are fitted with rubber D-shape buffers to cushion the bikes, The D-shape moulding fits all the square bak-rak tubes and can be bought by the metre. Threaded inserts in the ends to take a number plate or light board.

The clamp from the bike-rak PR2 (consisting of the cross tube and two 50cm arms) can be used bolted to the mount for clamping the top of a surfboard or canoe.  A second (PR2) can be used as a base for a box or a bolted on piece of plywood to support the end of surfboards or the wheel of a vertically mounted bike or the end of a canoe (just cut an appropriate slot or hole into the ply)

The PR2 is also available (as a PR1) with shorter arms if a simple box is to be mounted or as a pair to mount a spare wheel. This will mount below the ski-rak on the 175 pole to act as a ski-boot carrier. The box is 745mm X 320mm X320mm giving plenty of space for ski-boots possibly with some spare clothing too - Cost is £85. You can also use the larger 1230 x 380 x 380 box for £175.

Through the use of this mount you can now add a ski-boot box to a skirak . This adds an aluminium sealed box in front of the bottom basket mounted onto our standard spine unit fixed to the pole.

Remember that the load on the tow-bracket is legally limited so check this before deciding what you are going to carry.

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange).

It can also use the flange mount directly for fitting if you want to tow while using it. Up to you to check clearances.

Bare 100cm Pole-rak £110 inc VAT BUY   166 mm pole rak is  £160

Go to our Amazon site http://www.amazon.co.uk/bak-rak-skirak-ski-rak/dp/B007EANDBW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352658324&sr=8-1 to see the 5 star reviews.

Other Pole-rak parts. email to [email protected] with your list and we will send you a PayPal invoice and confirm it will all fit or tell you other ways to do what you want :-

PR1 Pole rak mount bracket fits 25 square tube to pole. Arms extend 280mm. Fit box to pole. £40


PR2 Pole rak mount bike-rak) fits 25 square tube to pole. Arms extend 500mm. £60


PRX Pole rak extended height pole to 166mm (add cost to pole-rak) £50


Contact details -  Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]