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Additional Bike-rak arms and crossbeam

£75.00 inc Vat

What you get :

A crossbeam to mount on a bike-rak vertical (or wheel rak) with arms that can be rubber-covered extending to 550mm. This is 65mm longer than any similar 4-bike rack.

How to use it:

An extra crossbeam and arms to convert a bike-rak to a load carrier or a wheelrak to a bike-rak.

Why you need it:

Bak-rak modular parts allow you to upgrade wheel-rak or bike rack to be used as the other.

  • Do not exceed noseweight rating of your vehicle or towbar

  • Do not exceed the maximum load specified by Bak-Rak Ltd

  • Ensure all loads are safely secured at all times

  • If your number plate or lights are obstructed by the rak or load, a lightbar must be used.