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G3, and G4 Bak-rak Base Rak

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Bak-Rak is a patented tow-ball mounting system, giving you infinite opportunities for your tow-ball – from bikes to bins. Our patented system uses a clamshell clamp that sits on the tow-ball, and a housing that slides on top of it. It’s easy, simple and perfect for mounting anything.

base-rak is a simple carrying platform – developed over 20 year to be the ultimate strong (to 120Kg) and light (7Kg) carrying medium. Onto base-rak fits an array of modules, carrying anything that can be strapped to a metal platform. Available in two varieties, G3 and G4, base-rak’s 80x60cm platform is the perfect solution for transporting items using your tow-ball without a trailer. It folds vertical if not carrying anything or slopes down for loading.

base-rak directly fits any ISO 50mm tow-bar and is immensely strong. When not loaded, it tilts towards the vehicle, out of the way, and an optional Tumble Mount accessory can tilt the load away from the vehicle, allowing access to the rear door.

bak-rak’s patented mounting system gives the strength and flexibility to mount anything, using aircraft-grade materials. The clamshell is made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, while the housing casting is made from EN24 high strength steel – materials which are used in applications such as jet engines and landing gear, respectively.

The G3 base-rak is manufactured from zinc-plated steel, rated for loads up to 100kg (providing your car can cope!) and our G4 base-rak is made from TIG-welded 304 stainless steel, rated for up to 120kg (again, providing your car can cope!).

Both are made in the UK to incredibly-high standards and have been the ultimate heavy-duty carrying platform for 20 years.

2yrs – subject to terms
  • Do not exceed noseweight rating of your vehicle or towbar

  • Do not exceed the maximum load specified by Bak-Rak Ltd

  • Ensure all loads are safely secured at all times

  • If your number plate or lights are obstructed by the rak or load, a lightbar must be used.

2yrs – subject to terms