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Box-rak frame

£97.00 inc Vat

What you get :

A strong steel framework that mounts on your towball. It provides two arms 650mm long with holes to mount a box, tray or piece of plywood to carry anything. The arms are 300mm apart and 180mm from the towball.

How to use it:

Mounted behind any car with a towball it gives you a capability to carry loads of extra luggage or items you don’t want in the car, like generators or gas cylinders. You can easily mount a large storage box onto the frame.

Why you need it:

With any car and in particular camper van, when you go away you need more stuff than will fit in. This is the way to carry all the extras. You can carry rubbish to the dump or tools or a mower.

A tumble mount is available for the box-rak to tumble a box away from the back doors.

50kg weight limit.

  • Do not exceed noseweight rating of your vehicle or towbar

  • Do not exceed the maximum load specified by Bak-Rak Ltd

  • Ensure all loads are safely secured at all times

  • If your number plate or lights are obstructed by the rak or load, a lightbar must be used.