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Swan to Flange converter

£93.00 inc Vat

The swan to flange converter clamps onto the standard swan-neck tow-ball and gives two large bolt holes on a flange that matches the older format towball mounting flange. This allows older bike racks or other equipment to be fitted to a swan-neck towball.

The swan to flange converter is rated at 100Kg and is not suitable to fit a towing stabiliser.

Complete kit includes mounting bracket, outer casting, and clamshell

The outer casting is shown with the clamp bolt at the rear, but it can face either way as convenient.

The unit weighs 4kg.

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Frequently Bought Together

security screw splined with driver - all products

Security fitting and key for the Base-Rak and Swan-to-flange range of products.

The core component of the Bak-Rak Swan to Flange adaptor is our patented clam shell.  The clamshell clamps onto the 50 mm towball and is the basis of all our products.

The casting sits over the clamshell and a M12 bolt tightens it all together.   The fabrication is bolted to the casting – this fabrication provides 2 16mm holes on a 90mm centres – this replicates the mounts on a traditional flange-mounted tow bracket.

2 years subject to terms and load restrictions

It’s the easiest way to convert your swan neck tow bar into a traditional flange tow bar, so you can use all the accessories you purchased for your previous flange tow bar.

It’s a converter for your swan neck tow ball which gives more life to your flange-mounted bike racks and other accessories.

The Bak-Rak Swan to flange adaptor is ideal for:-

  • Using those bike racks you used to use with your flange towball, despite the fact your current car has a swan-neck towbar fitted
  • Using with a Dave Cooper Motocross bike carrier
  • To fit your Pendle, Witter bike rack to your car.


The Swan to Flange converter is often also referred to as a Swan to Flange adaptor, S2F Adaptor or S2F Convertor.

  • Do not exceed noseweight rating of your vehicle or towbar

  • Do not exceed the maximum load specified by Bak-Rak Ltd

  • Ensure all loads are safely secured at all times

  • If your number plate or lights are obstructed by the rak or load, a lightbar must be used.

2 years subject to terms and load restrictions