The Uni-rak is a multi-function fitting with a universal channel on top of the normal bak-rak casting. It is a heavy-duty engineering fitting made of 5 mm laser-cut plate – so it will stand up to a life-time of hard work.

The channel has a range of slots and holes to allow the fitting of many different items. It can be turned upside down, mounted on end, mounted at different heights so you can fit anything to your tow-ball. Among the most useful is a vice. The mount places the vice neatly behind the car or van giving an incredibly useful strong-point to cut or hammer

This will be a boon to plumbers, electricians, fitters – not to mention gardeners and arboriculturists [to hold a chainsaw for sharpening] and almost all other maintenance people.

The mount can also be used with a footplate on top as a removable step for vehicle access.

Mounted vertically it can support an aerial, high camera or extended loads like ladders or a boat

However the load should be over the towball as cantilevered running loads can fatigue through the unirak.

The Uni-rak can also be used to neatly fit a lightweight winch – that is how our winch-rak works . Tow-bracket manufacturers warranty will not cover using a winch – for good reason as it is possible to produce forces high enough to decapitate the tow-ball – heaven knows what that does to a tow-bracket! But like most things – used sensibly it will be no problem!

Dimensions are 250mm long X 70 wide X 40mm deep. It has loads of holes but more can be drilled for anything specific. It now comes in a black epoxy finish that is more amenable to welding than zinc plate.

No weight limit specified as it is totally down to how it is used – but good for 100 kg in the right plane.

Complete kit includes mount bracket, outer casting and clamshell

  • Do not exceed noseweight rating of your vehicle or towbar

  • Do not exceed the maximum load specified by Bak-Rak Ltd

  • Ensure all loads are safely secured at all times

  • If your number plate or lights are obstructed by the rak or load, a lightbar must be used.