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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins


The rack is tightened into position with a clamp-bolt . This provides a reasonable security against the casual thief and is provided as part of the rack. If a higher level of security is required then the clamp bolt can be replaced by a similar (M12 x 30) socket head bolt which then requires a suitable hexagon key to remove it.

We provide a reasonable-priced [8.80] combination U-lock for those who, like us, tend to lose keys. With the base locked to the vehicle this allows bikes to be securely attached with a chain or wire rope.

For those who want to improve the security of other kit - we sell the locking hand-clamp as a kit to allow you to fit any 8mm thread standard bolt of your choice [or fit a nut and it will go onto an 8mm stud]. This can be applied to the majority of bike-racks and many other rack, trailer and caravan parts to enhance their security. The price is 5 each including VAT and carriage 


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