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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



Overview of complete rack

Bottom ski basket

Top holder showing lock



A complete ski-carrying solution with space for eight or more skis ( up to 4 snowboards) with or without sticks.

Using the best materials - stainless steel and aluminium.

Light weight and heavy-duty.

Design based on a standard principle used throughout the skiing world.

Securely locks the skis into position with a locking bolts around the upper loop..

Skis clamped into position with bungee and slidetite.   

Minimal effect on vehicle drag so fuel consumption virtually unaffected.

Just needs a duplicate numberplate on most cars.

Up to 10 sets of skis can be put in loose for the final trip to and from the slope.

Will carry up to 4 snowboards on their own or in combination with skis.

Comes complete with all the parts to fit a standard 50mm towball (swan-neck, removable or flange)

The bottom basket is 240 X 480 mm and the extra wide rack adds a 125 extension to either side (2 can be fitted to give an extra 250mm)

[The 5 degrees tilt will give you around 2 inches (50mm) clearance at 2 ft. above the towball if you need to clear a spare wheel. You can also fit a 25mm towball spacer ( £4.50 from Wilmond)  on flange towballs to give a total of 75mm (3ins) ]

Stainless Steel version just £245 complete inc VAT  (UK) Now converts to bike rak

Powder coated version just £195 complete inc VAT  (UK) see bargain page

We also have a powder coated rack using the same design and slightly smaller dimensions. This sells for £195 inc VAT but dec. 2017 a couple left..

Go to our Amazon site http://www.amazon.co.uk/bak-rak-skirak-ski-rak/dp/B007EANDBW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1352658324&sr=8-1 to see the 5 star reviews.

Also available is the big brother of the stainless steel rack  the GIANT SKI-RAK which can carry up to 12 or 14 sets of skis fixed in position or around 20 sets loose. Suitable for hotel or school minibuses or really huge families. it is 650 wide so may be appropriate if a lot of skiboards are to be carried. Still fits straight onto a standard towball, swan-neck or detachable included. It doesn't include the in-rack locking option so a separate cable-lock will be supplied if you intend to leave the skis in the rack. Option to mount to one side on a flange mount so one back door of a van will open. (additional £40) The Giant ski rak is supplied with an optional extra huge top loop (borrowed design from the wheel rack) to allow as many skis as you want.

Through advance in the tube-rak design you can now add a ski-boot box to a skirak for £100. This adds an aluminium sealed box in front of the bottom basket mounted onto our standard spine unit fixed to the pole. The box is 745mm X 320mm X320mm giving plenty of space for ski-boots possibly with some spare clothing too. See boxes for more details

This is the first unit for our new group of vertical racks. For full details go to Pole-rak

Add stainless ski-rak to cart for £245 carriage of £10 added during purchase process  

Add stainless extension to create a GIANT SKI-RAK to cart for £55     one 125mm extension,  (max two can be used ) and huge top loop

Increase the length of the pole to 1.75 metres for an additional £50 - Ring Wilmond to amend order.

How does it work : The top of the pair of skis are put up through the top loop and the bottoms dropped back into the bottom stainless steel box.  The skis can then be fixed in position with the bungee that locks off at the end with a slidetite.  If you are going to and from the slopes you can get lots more skis in .The bungee can still be used loosely across the loop and box to stop the skis rattling around or jumping out. The top loop locks around the skis and tow bracket.

Land Rover owners have the option of replacing their spare wheel with a skirak and we do a special mount plate for this that replaces the normal mount. The rak bolts onto the three studs that presently carry the spare wheel.

Contact details - Tel 0800 112 6884 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]