What is a swan to flange Converter?

In simple terms, the bak-rak swan to flange converter allows a swan neck tow ball (as found on many modern cars) to be used with accessories designed for a flange-mounted tow ball.

Why are we seeing more swan neck towbars?

Why are we seeing more swan neck towbars?

Swan neck tow bars are becoming more and more common as they can often be detached (called a detachable swan neck) from the vehicle when not in use, which is said to improve the looks of the vehicle. Personally, I prefer my tow bar (flange or swan neck) to be permanently installed to offer protection to the bumper of the vehicle when in slow-moving traffic!). Some vehicles even have tow balls that swing under the vehicle when not in use and return via the press of a button in the car!

swan to flange convertor

What sort of accessories need a tow bracket flange to mount on?

The most common flange-mounted accessory is a cycle carrier. Whether these are for family bikes or the smaller motocross bike (have a look at these racks here), they often rely on being bolted behind the tow ball on a flange-mounted towbar. If you have a swan neck towbar then you need a swan to flange adaptor to provide the flange mount needed to fit these types of bike racks. This then means that the flange mounted bike rack you bought for your previous car can continue to be used. It’s cheaper to purchase a swan-to-flange convertor than go out an buy a new bike rack.
The only downside to a swan neck to flange mount converter is that it fits over the towball, which means that you can’t tow whilst it is in use. This may seem obvious, but we we regularly get asked if the bak-rak swan neck flange converter can be used whilst a caravan (or trailer!) is being towed! If you need to use your towbar and tow a caravan (or trailer!) at the same time, you need to find a flange mount tow a bar for your vehicle.

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How much load can the bak-rak swan to flange converter take?

Our Swan to flange adaptor is rated at 100kg, although it is also important to check the limits of your swan neck tow bar. All tow bars have a nose weight limit – this is the vertical load that can be safely applied to the tow bar. This can range from 35kg for small cars to over 150kg for large 4×4’s, SUVs and vans. The load limit for the bak-rak swan neck to flange converter is the lower of our limit (100kg) and the limit on your vehicle. You must never exceed either the rating of our adaptor or the nose weight of the vehicle it is being used on. If in doubt, give us a call on 0800 112 6884 for clarification and advice.

Safety reminder....

It’s also worth remembering that, no matter what you use on your tow bar the number plate and lights need to remain visible at all times. Under no circumstances must the weight limit on the convertor OR the vehicle’s tow bar be exceed.

Where to buy A SWAN to FLANGE converter from?

The bak-rak universal swan to flange adaptor is a UK designed and manufactured product which has been on the market for nearly 20 years.  It is part of a wide range of bak-rak products which include bike racks, wheel raks, boxes, vice raks, steps and many more

We feel it is the best swan to flange adaptor on the market.
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