What you need

Bak-rak offers users the ability to carry anything they like – neatly and safely mounted on any tow-ball, with a range of different rak types all clamping on the ball with our award winning clamp system.

Bak-rak’s patented mounting system is completely modular – which is great – but we know it can be confusing for the potential user to work out what they need. We’ve provided some examples of likely configurations and how they work.

The Base-rak

Base-rak offers a rigid platform 800 wide X 600 long onto which can be mounted a range of fitments for specific items to be carried e.g. a frame and bike racks to carry bikes.Xtender bars can be used to fit up to 5 bikes. It can also allow other loads to be quickly fitted and removed.

The Basket-rak

provides a light weigh and compact spine unit onto which fits the basket. Onto this can go a U-shape frame to take a plastic box or bike-raks. The spine can mount vertically to support a spare wheel.

The Pole-rak

Pole-rak gives a family of carriers based round an aluminium high-strength pole. This includes a ski-rak family and bike-raks - but can also mount the basket-rak spine or a base-rak to give a range of carriers that can simultaneously carry multiple items such as bikes and a spare wheel or luggage (if your car is up to it).

Fitting your Bak-Rak

Fitting the rack is the work of moments and you can then carry whatever you want. Even for small cars eg. a Renault Clio or Vauxhall Corsa the capability of bak-rak is over 80lbs [40kgs] so borrowing a mower or taking the old fridge to the dump are all now possible [with no towing laws to follow and no reversing to be avoided].

Weight Limit

The weight limit for the racks varies with the configuration. But all modern cars have a weight limit imposed by the manufacturers. However this can be overcome by using the optional load support straps that hook over a hatchback or estate rear door to provide extra support for a well loaded rack.

Universal Fitting

Using the Universal rack is incredibly easy . See the video on the home page. It will fit all tow-bars - even unusual designs like the aluminium swan-neck tow-bracket found as OE fitting on the latest BMWs and Audis.


You want to carry a large box on the back of your vehicle and continue to access the rear door.


Our base-rak combined with a tumble mount allows you to mount practically anything to the rear of your car, and the tumble mount lets you pivot the rak away from the vehicle, giving you access to the rear door. If it covers your number plate or lights, then you can get a light-bar bracket to mount to your rak. If you need a box, we provide a bundle!