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bak-rak tow-ball mounted carrier for anything - from bikes to bins



The towball mounted mechanical 500kg winch

The towball mounted electric winch-in-a-box        

A range of high quality CE winches complete with full towball mountings.

As you expect from bak-rak, the winches are innovative - the 500 kg winches have an automatic brake (rated at full winch load) to ensure the winch only moves when you intend. With 'normal' cheap winches if you flick the ratchet at the wrong point the winch can run-away with dire consequences for your precious boat or caravan.


Complete kit includes winch, 15 Metres of cable with a quality hook and full bak-rak tow-ball mountings,   and handle.


Professional hand winch and clutch brake that is ideal for pulling and lifting
  • Integral clutch brake automatically holds load in place
  • Handle will never spin freely and cause injury
  • Drum capacity 20m x 5mm cable
  • 50mm strap
  • 500 hour red-rust resistant plating which is ideal for marine use
  • With removable quick-release handle and solid gears
  • Ideals for commercial and private use, boat trailers, recovery vehicles and car transporting
  • CE Approved
  • CE rated working capacity - 320Kg
  • Max rolling load - 835Kg
  • Manufacturer's recommended max capacity - 545Kg/1200LB
  • Gear ratio - 4.1:1
  • Mechanical advantage - 31:1
  • Operating force required - 15.87Kg 
  • Winch cable
  • Galvanised cable 7m x 4mm dia, with hook
  • 1000kg breaking strain


                                       winch in position



Winch-rak has a high quality CE approved mechanical winch –  500kg – fitted to a patented bak-rak towball mount system. The winch has an automatic brake so runaways [cheap winch problem] are avoided.  



 500kg winch-rak @ £99    

See home page to purchase


Electric Winch Kit

Electric Winch Kit  has a top quality towball mounted fully waterproof ‘Goldfish™’ 4000lb [1800kg] electric winch with all the fitments to fit a standard car or 4X4. A remote control, long battery leads with croc-clips, tree strop and shackle and pulley to increase the pull. Also supplied is a CD explaining how to get the best from the winch. The only optional extra not already included is a fixed cable kit for your vehicle.

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 To buy Towball Electric Winch Kit costs  £400 plus £ 11 carriage       


Contact details - Tel 0800 112 6884 for orders or delivery queries Tel 0800 112 6884 for technical queries    e-mail [email protected]